Rolling Along

My little Buddy is vying for my attention, or, rather, my peppermint gum. I should probably give it to him - I found evidence that he dined at the Cat Litter Cafe this afternoon.

We were so exhausted after a day of juggling thrift store, warehouse, outlet, yard sale, car washes, donation pick-ups and many other sundry responsibilities that we decided to dine out also.

We picked an old family restaurant we'd heard of. Walked in to a cloud of cigarette smoke, and a fat old man rasped (and I mean rasped) that we were welcome to seat ourselves. Evidently he's been sucking in ciggy smoke for many, many years.

Poor Mike ended up on the phone nearly the entire time, dealing with a Victory Home problem. The kid at the next table got a kick out of his "Mission Impossible" ringtone.

This is how you eat and talk on the phone when you're a lefty.

By the way, he writes right-handed. He's a wacky fellow.

Flutterbug and I enjoyed people-watching while he was tied up on the phone. Got a real kick out of the middle-aged woman with short hair and a really long rat-tail. Just as I was about to say that a rat-tail sighting is extremely rare nowadays, Flutterbug pointed out another one (on a different middle-aged woman)!

We also stared in awe at the huge plates of baked ziti that were served at the next table, smothered in a huge amount of melted cheese. When the people departed, there wasn't a bite left on any of the plates. And let me tell you, one of those people was a little old lady. And one was a petite 10-year-old girl. A little old lady at another table polished off a huge plate of spaghetti. I ate 6 scallops and gained 3 pounds. Sometimes life just isn't fair.

I tried to burn a few calories rollerskating around the house (no buffalo herds in here) and managed to avoid breaking my neck. I know I'm overdue for a fall. I'd kind of like to get it over with.

Happy, Happy Mother's Day to my lovely mommy, who wouldn't trade places with me in a million years, yet accepts me and my wacky lifestyle (and hubby) with such grace!

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She's such a creative Mommy! I wonder if she secretly rollerskates around her house...


Modemom said...

No roller skating here--just the Senior Shuffle!

Thank you for your sweetness. I am blessed beyond measure by my three precious children, all who love the Lord and now the grandchildren are following, one by one. oooxxx Mom

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Buddy is feeling well enough to eat..whatever. Love his haircut. Does Mike's other ear not work? Because I think it would be easier to eat and talk on the phone if he would use it. I hear you about the scallops. I counted my calories (and went hungry) for eight days and lost 3 pounds but gained them all back in a weekend because of PMS. sigh.

Brenda (BBC) said...

Ew, I wish Buddy would stop dining at the Cat Litter Cafe -- even if it did inspire you to write a wonderful devotional one time!

I can understand favoring the left ear. I'm a leftie and have to have the phone to my left ear! So I would probably eat like Mike there, if I talked on the phone and ate at the same time. (Btw, I have "espionage" as my ringtone. Do you think maybe people mistake me for a secret agent? LOL)

Happy Mother's Day!