It's a Jungle Out There

A sign I'm getting old: I have to get up EVERY NIGHT to go to the bathroom.

A sign I'm not old yet: I'm able to climb over the Buddy gate, maneuver through a veritable minefield of luggage and boxes and clothing in the hallway, feel my way to the bathroom avoiding cat and dog tails, and do it all again in reverse without injury.


I oughta be on America's Got Talent.

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wendy said...

I do a nightly bathroom run also. I have a "jungle" of my own. I usually bang a shin on a table, scale a gate in the hallway and maybe a dog or cat laying on the floor. I have a cat door, which allows the hunters of the night to return home with their kill. Usually to drop it right in the middle of the living room floor for me to find. I have learned to turn on a light at the start of my journey to the bathroom -- you only need to step in the wrong spot once to remember to turn on the light!