At Least It's Still 2009, or, Better Late Than Later

Presenting the 2nd Annual Creative Clutter Collectors Contest Awards!

Didn't get a whole lot of entries this year, so I added one of my own to kick things off.

The "Happiest Aquatic Vertebrates" Award goes to me. Yay!

The "Best Use of 1-inch Tin Strips" goes to my Auntie Laurie. Feel free to use a few of these to make me some cookies.

Auntie also receives the "Little House on the Prairie Apparatus Most Often Responsible for Starting Melodromatic Fires" award.

She wins the "Empty Bottles and Jars" award for, well, these lovely old empty bottles and jars.

And I present the "Pachyderm Potpourri Passel" award to Auntie. The competition was tough for this award; good thing she HAD a passel of pachyderms. Of course, she could have also qualified for the "More Trunks Than Paris Hilton on a Trip to Malibu" award.

The "It's Always Winter But Never Christmas" award goes to Brenda, for her non-Christmas-themed snow globes (her Christmas globes, poor things, are boxed up in the basement). These happen to all be musical, which would make them a nice complement to my happy fish. They're just itching to break into song.

I don't have a picture because it's impossible to capture it all on camera, but Flutterbug gets the "I Must Have My Nose in a Book or I'll Shrivel Up" award for having a massive collection of books. They multiply like rabbits. They spill out of bookcases and drawers and closets. They cover her bed, her dresser, her chair. Oh wait, that's her clothes. Well, they peek out from under the clothes.

My mother wanted to submit a picture of her ruler collection. She has a Queen Elizabeth, a Kim Jong, really, they're the measuring kind. Like we used in school. Or were spanked with. So, even though I didn't get a picture, I'll award her the "Oddest Choice of Things to Almost Submit" award.

Thus closes the 2nd Annual Creative Clutter Collectors Contest of 2009. Looking forward to next year's contest - get out there and start collecting new things! Feel free to look for them at the Victory Home Thrift Store.

Oh, and I nearly forgot THE BEST PART: all winners will receive a scrumptious Toblerone chocolate bar!! (So glad I entered.)


flutterbug said...

The first time I read it, I thought you wrote "aquatic VEGETABLES" - I thought it again just now when I read it. :)

Modemom said...

Hey, I took pictures of those Wooden Advertising Rulers over a week ago. Just give me the “Biggest Procrastinator of the Family” award for not sending them in on time and when you get here Sunday, you can spank me with one of your choice!

Riven_Silver said...

Love this post!

Brenda C. said...

LOL at your mom's comment!