Snug As a Cat On a Rug

Those of you who've been with me for over a year may remember this glorious old furnace that we'd
hoped to install:

We didn't end up using it, if you remember.

We were blessed with a woodstove this year, and were just giddy with thankfulness when our houseguest's brother told her he felt compelled to install it for us! Her mom bought the necessary parts and they headed down from Richmond on Saturday, with Houseguest's sister, and a helper for her brother.

Evidently, Mother came along to supervise the job.

She did a good job (and so did her son and his helper). We're toasty warm, and that woodstove smell is causing us to listen to Christmas music and haul out the glitter and ribbon and Christmas card list.

Kiki showed up about five seconds after we fired it up.

She said, "It's my birthday?"

And promptly settled in for a long and blissful winter.

Which is exactly what we plan to do, too.


Anonymous said...

Very attractive! I love how Kiki just knew it was going to be her favorite spot this winter. It would be mine, too!

Brenda (BBC) said...

That sequence of Kiki pictures is so funn! That wide-eyed look, "For Mee???" hehehe

Modemom said...

Hey, I'm not anonymous! Musta clicked the wrong button. :^)

Sunny said...

We love our woodstove even though it is in a dingy old basement. You're blessed to have it in the livingroom!