Feathers, Glass, Wood, Sharpies and Silver...oh, and GLITTER

Sometimes I just gotta cut loose and work with my hands. I'm never really sure what will come of it.... This week, it was mirrors. Such fun! Now I'm up to a whopping FOUR.

I'm thinking of heading down the "Sharpie" road for a while - there's a lot of potential and it's a lot cheaper than buying different types of doohickeys to glue on, AND a lot easier than working with grout.

So...mirror, mirror, got a yen; let me at you with my pen.

What kind of message or saying or words would you like a mirror to say?


Anonymous said...

These are fantastic, Melanie! (You come from a very artistic family!)
PS- Thank Mike for his nice "thank you".
Love keeping up with you via this Blog......you make us laugh!

Brenda Christmas said...

Love them!

"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,
Who's God's favorite child of all?"

That would make me smile every time I looked into it. :-) It might do the same for everyone else too!

Lainie said...

Looks like fun! How do you decide what to use/do? Is it just inspiration or do you have a plan? They look fabulous!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Thanks, Linnette!

Nice idea, Brenda!

And Auntie: I don't really have a plan (I'm more of a "winger" - not sure where that came from; skipped a generation or two, I guess!) so I looked at what I had and once I put together a couple of things, the rest kind of developed. It's the first time I've used feathers for anything, but I wanted a different texture and didn't want to spend much money. For $1.97 I have enough feathers to make at least a dozen mirrors!

Anonymous said...

The mirror is beautiful! I didn't live in Chesapeake long enough to know you were a crafter. We would have had a blast. Do you mind if I use your idea? What was the base that you glued the center mirror on?

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Hi Anonymous, not sure who you are, but glad you liked the mirrors! I look for any kind of flat wooden pieces for the backs - my first one (another post) was the tabletop from one of those cheap tables with the three legs that screw in. I think the green mirror may have started out as a cheese board, and the blue one was a finished (smoothed on the edges) cutout board. I come across them at the thrift store/outlet, but you may be able to buy similar ones new at a craft store...not sure. Recently a surfboard-shaped piece of wood, about 3 ft. tall came thru the outlet and I'm going to try my hand at that, so it certainly doesn't have to be round shapes! Lemme know if you make one (and who this is, lol).