Ode to a Neglected Blog

I know, I KNOW, I need to blog
I've fallen off the wagon
I manage one, or two, or three
And then I end up laggin'

As evening comes and day is done
I find my brain so foggy
I know there's lots of stuff to post
But I'm all pooped and groggy

Now the tales are piling up
I don't know where to start
The belly-flop onto the walk
My mother's bracelet art

And then there's Boo and Buddy who
Have come up with a plan
To work together in their way
To scare off every man (and cat)

I want to tell you all about
My groovy shopping finds
I'm sure what kind of shoes I buy's
On everybody's minds

But here it is, another night
Another foggy noodle
All you get's a silly poem
I'm off to eat a strudel

(Food: my Number One, All-time Favorite blog subject, by the way.)

(REMEMBER stanza two: FOGGY and GROGGY.)

(Right now.)


Brenda (BBC) said...

I don't know about your other readers, but I'm still feeling neglected ... ;-)

Modemom said...

Me, too.... but your Mom understands. Would you like the half a day I don't use to add on to yours? Love and prayers for you all.

Kelly Welch said...

Welcome back to blogging!
It has been long over due.
I would of given you a flogging
with my flip flop shoe.

That's all I got!!

turnkeymel said...

Ah! -- At last!
My one and only blog read's back!
I laughed until I cried.
I read it to an office mate
While munching on a snack.

And then I thought, O lucky you --
Just wait a few more years,
When the foggy groggy state descends
In the afternoon by two!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

LOVE THE POEMS! Oh, and Mom, I'll take that half day. Ummm...I'll order a dozen now, and a dozen more in about a week...