He Da Man

Here's a man people either love or hate:

Oh, the stories I could tell...but who wants to hear about hate when LOVE is so much more...lovely?

Can't help but love a man who'll sit through Nanny McPhee and act like he's enjoying it as much as he enjoyed Killer Rodents on the Space Shuttle.

Can't help but be attracted to a man who tells me he loves me in a Scooby Doo voice. And his Marvin the Martian impression sends my heart

Can't help but adore a man who loves the unlovely, the addicted, the lost, the scary (and a few of them ARE a bit scary) enough to dedicate his life to helping them.

Can't help but be fascinated by a man, who, in bed at night, in spite of his allergies, reaches a hand out to give the cat that token rub she requires before she'll settle down to sleep. And then there's the whole "Saluting the Dog" thing...

The man bought me another diamond ring to replace the one I spun off the table at McGuffy's restaurant (of course, it was totally his fault for spinning his wedding band first. I can't help it if he's a better ring spinner than I am), he worried when I rode my bike all the way to church in heavy traffic, he put up with my chunky shoe phase, he laughs at my jokes (many of which are missing the key part on which the entire joke hangs - still not sure how that happens), he tells me to spend money...although, in retrospect, this may coincide with his desire to spend money...but still..., he loves to hop in the car and look for adventure on our days off, he even sits patiently while Flutterbug and I wander, as in a dream, through the sparkly and mesmerizing Christmas Store.

For our anniversary, he took me to a such a fancy restaurant that the waiter seated us and said (I kid you not), "Let me remove these white napkins from the table. I have black napkins that I believe would be better suited to your attire." The owner, who knows Mike slightly, came by the table, asked about Victory Home, and offered to call the mayor about a small city problem we're having...pulled out his cell phone and dialed him right then! We dined on the freshest she-crab soup, asparagus, some sort of meat (meat doesn't stay in my memory very well), scalloped potatoes...then headed to the oceanfront and walked and ate ice cream and reluctantly headed home the next day.

In a nutshell, I've had a fantastic 25-years of marriage with this zany guy, and I know full well that the next 25 won't disappoint!

Black napkins, yes, I can see that...


Lainie said...

Nice, Melanie and heartwarming. But try to leave off with the diamond ring spinning. Wishing you many many more happy years.

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Thank you, Auntie - and yes, I've learned my lesson!

Brenda (BBC) said...

A belated happy anniversary to you! You and Mike make a great team. :-)

Michelle said...

Restaurants like that scare me. I avoid them at all costs! You should have told him you wanted the white napkin for contrast. Happy Anniversary! It's so nice to see couples still in love after all those years.