Celery-Green Wheelie Treasure

Behold my new bike!
I'm thrilled with it. Logged over 16 miles on it last week, which is a lot for a chubby 47-year-old girl who lives in a high-traffic city.

Thrilled, I tell ya!


Melissa said...


Brenda (BBC) said...

Well, I was really expecting some vintage miniature wheelbarrow thing found in a box dropped off for the thrift shop! lol

Jasmine thinks I need a bike. That old saying about never forgetting how to ride a bike? Not true. I tried to ride hers and fell into the neighbor's yard. Tried again, and fell over the curb and into my own yard! lol No more biking for me!

morningstar said...

Love it!

Linnette said...

I can picture you on the new bike zipping along! Good for you! Have fun!

Timber said...

Brenda, you crack me up!

This bike has a different style of handlebars than my last one, and I feel a bit unstable still - my hands are farther apart and higher up and sometimes I feel like I'm weaving all over the place! It's like when I get on one of those beach bikes, same feeling but even worse. I'm getting used to it, though!