ColorFUL Treasure

May I intruduce you to Mr. Deep Clay Red.
I brought him home a couple of months ago, where he's been residing on the back porch. Well, porch-no-more, he's now part of the family, holding up the dining room walls! I prepped his future habitat, which was cracked all over the place (what can one expect from 100-year-old plaster?).

I couldn't be more pleased with the color! You can see the old color above the picture molding (below) - not outside the family of clay colors, but faded and too pinkish. I may leave it up there, though; I think it's a nice effect.

Can't wait to get those window treatments up! And see the orange (silk) pod thingies on the table? ONE dollar a stem on clearance at Pier One in Florida. That's a whopping five dollars' worth there and I LOVE 'em. And though I didn't remember it 'til the other day, I loved 'em in another blog (real ones) that I follow, by a British mom and crocheter who lovvvvvves color even more than I. Evidently, they're called Chinese Lanterns!

Don't you wonder sometimes if heaven will have unimaginable, vibrant colors that are unlike anything we've ever experienced? I think of how John struggled to describe colors in the incredible glimpses he saw of heaven:

"...there before me was a throne in heaven with someone sitting on it. 
And the one who sat there had the appearance of jasper and carnelian.
A rainbow, resembling an emerald, encircled the throne...."

And boy, what incredible stones will be used in the
foundation of the New Jerusalem
Talk about color! Take a look: 











New colors or old, heaven will no doubt stimulate the senses like
nothing we've experienced before!
(Point me to the nearest restroom, for sure.)


Brenda (BBC) said...

I thought the color was ugly in the paint can, but wow does it look great on the walls! That is a room to be proud of, for sure! Good work!

I wonder what color brown eyes will be in heaven. Don't you kind of think they will be speckled with vibrant red, blue, and green, like some multicolored gems? The most beautiful eyes of all? I like to think so. :-)

Michelle said...

Beautiful! I think you should leave the old color up there, too...I like the contrast. Your new blog looks great!

Modemom said...

That color looks wonderful on the walls! I, too, like the contrasting color on the upper wall.

@Brenda, if those wonderful gems are part of heaven I think our eyes will reflect them all (to the glory of God!)

Melissa said...

I love the color.. makes me think of Uluru! Love it :)

tuftsmel said...

Beautiful color in the photo, but now, if your photo color is true, you've made yourself some more work to change out the pink lampshade!
I, too, like Chinese Lanterns. If my memory is correct, your grandmother Tufts planted some once in a garden at the farm. They would go wonderfully with some fall leaves. Aarrgghh! It looks like you and I have talked me into finding a place to plant some this year!!!

Modemom said...

Dad doesn't know that pink and orange is a hot combination right now. :-)

morningstar said...

Just beautiful ( same color as my foyer!)
And I love the heavenly gems. We did a study on them last year.

Timber said...

Well! Glad all y'all (southern for everyone) like it! Makes me feel all antsy to pick a new living room shade! (think Camel, hehe)

Brenda, let's make sure to meet up to show off our eye color when we get up there!

Michelle, I must say I miss your lovely, quirky blog.

Melissa, welcome! I guess you know I was just perusing your blog the other day! I came across it by hitting "next blog", lol. I love to see pictures of Uluru - it's so majestic. Never seen it in person, tho...have you then? (I know Australia is larrrrge)

Dad, you'll be happy to know that the lamp is dark red, not pink (in real life).

Mom, I love what you said about our eyes reflecting the colors of heaven. Annnd, I know we need to help Dad catch up on the latest color trends, haha!

Tina, I should have figured you'd have a room that color - we're so much alike with these kinds of things!