Kiki's Miffed

Poor Kiki, she must hate me by now: a high-maintenance goober dog added to the family, a month in an ugly blue collar, two trips to the vet, and now this.

And that didn't work, so now this. Yup, that's a world globe. Well, half the world.

I threw the real collar away after she covered it with puke on a car trip. So now she has a designer one.
A CSI unit would have a fit in our house, between the bloody (paw) prints everywhere and the general mess. You know how they find a tiny thread on a rug and trace it back to the criminal? Well, it would take them at least ten years to sort through the detritus on any one of my rugs! (Remember my "hobbit feet?")

I'm hoping this collar works (to keep her from picking at and licking her foot). It's either that or I'll have to put her on ebay. AS IS.

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